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Modeldirect Online Store is pleased to bring you shopping tickets every month!

Shopping Tickets Worth N100k!

YES! You can now get shopping ticket of N100k Free! Buy your favourite smart TVs, split & standing ACs right here on Modeldirect with your smart ticket. Each shopping ticket comes in one complete package of N100k, N50k & N20k.

How to Get Shopping Ticket

To get your own shopping ticket, simply fill the form below. That’s it! Every shopping ticket is 100% FREE.

Shopping Ticket

What’s more, you can reuse your shopping tickets as many times as your want while this offer lasts.

Pay ‘Small Small’ Available

With your shopping ticket, you can also buy and pay ‘small small’ (pay back in installments). This means that in addition to using your smart shopping ticket to get your AWOOF N100k, you can also opt for the pay small small option as your payment option at checkout. It’s absolutely fantastic!

Submit the form below to get your free shopping ticket.

Shopping Ticket

How to Use Your Shopping Ticket

  1. Visit Modeldirect Online Store –
  2. Pick any item you like and proceed to CART and/or CHECKOUT.
  3. On the checkout or cart page, insert your shopping ticket code in the area tagged, “coupon code”.
  4. The coupon code automatically deducts the required amount from your total spending.

Your products will be delivered to you within 2 – 5 working days.

More Information About Your Shopping Ticket

  1. Your shopping ticket can only be used on Modeldirect Online Store.
  2.  You can use your ticket multiple times while this promo offer lasts.
  3. You may use your coupon code on either your shopping cart or checkout page.


Now you can shop for your favourite electronics & home appliances like smart TVs, freezers, air conditioners, generators, inverters & batteries, and many more with ease on Modeldirect.